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“Grief is not an emotion.  It's a way to live.  Grief is loving what you can no longer see or touch.  Love is grieving what you can still touch and see.”

~ Stephen Jenkinson

Death & Dying

I've great respect for, and humble confidence in, Death.  Because the mortality rate is still 100%, we all must face Death as he takes the ones we love, and when he eventually comes for us.  I offer companion care for the dying as a hospice volunteer, and death care services for families or individuals who are losing loved ones.  This looks like spending quiet or convivial time with those who are dying.  I'm available to help with personal and comfort care for the dying, support for the family during death vigils, and coordinate care for or manage death vigils for those who have no other family to do so.

Touch & Movement

Comfort and ease is essential for all beings, even in dying -- especially in dying. I offer gentle, soothing touch and easeful assisted movement for the sick and dying.  This kind of care can bring relief and a sense of fullness in their arduous journey, plus help prevent bedsores, painful stiffness in the body, and offer a felt sense of love.


Grief is how love is expressed in loss, and is a normal and essential part of healing from the loss of a loved one.  I'm here to help process that grief, offer insight from the philosophies of Dharma & Yoga, and support from my own many experiences of loss. 

Reach out to me if you'd like to talk more about what I do with, and for, the dying and those who love them.

Theresa Murphy Yoga Instruction

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