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As a Somatic Movement Educator I am committed to supporting growth, learning, healing and evolving in myself & others via touch, movement, feeling, and education.  I'm committed to bringing forth the essential qualities of our humanity in connecting, listening, and feeling with others in the interest of forging the best pathways for living a healthy, vibrant, and meaningful life...from birth to death.

My studies to become a SME have changed me....

..changed how i feel and register stimulus,

...changed how i interpret and initiate movement,

...changed how i meditate,

...changed how i connect with self and others,

...and changed how i teach stillness & movement.

Want to know how?  Book a session and I'll show you.

Body-Mind Centering® combines many approaches to learning–visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, movement, and more.  It's like Montessori school for adults!  Through my work with the program director, Amy Matthews, I'm coming to more fully inhabit my somatic field (my body) as both my play-ground and research center.  The BMC™ approach to somatics is a gateway into the body's fields of perception and equilibrium, delving deeply into the embodied experience from three vantage points:  an internal approach to tactile learning, or feeling of something from within, cognitive experience, and study of the anatomy and biology of the human body.  These three approaches merge to support an experience of presence, movement, and vitality.   After a somatic class inspired by the work of BMC™, I feel seamlessly settled into myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

It's my sincere interest and commitment to offer somatic movement classes with the same integrity, commitment, and investment of my attention, connection and care for your experience too!  Stay tuned for more of these wonderful offerings to happen live!



Theresa Murphy Yoga Instruction

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