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Theresa Murphy Yoga


infant to elder
(and everything in between)





I practice and teach many styles of movement & stillness explorations. I feel one must vary technique in practice to prevent falling into a rut. My classes always have a philosophical theme, related to body, mind, spirit, or all three. As for the physical practice, I work slowly and mindfully, with a varied approach.  Blending a variety of techniques from yoga, somatic movement, developmental movement, and mindfulness practices the classes are rich, healing and full of potential for personal growth. Deep connection to Self offers connection to the inner-space of feeling, thus growth and ultimately freedom in one's body, mind and heart. This also personalizes the practice for each person.



One-on-one sessions are where the magic happens. Exclusive attention from a compassionate other and experienced teacher can make for incredibly potent discoveries, healing, and progress in practice. People book private sessions for a multitude of reasons. Some want to work on meditation, have an injury, or illness and seek a self-empowered, therapeutic approach. Some have questions about somatic movement, yoga therapy, or yoga practice in general.  Some seek support for a specific shape, move, or mindful state. Some book privates because they simply feel more comfortable working one on one than in group classes.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner giving yourself the gift of undivided attention from a teacher will allow you to maximize the benefit you receive from the time you invest.


Learning about infant developmental theory and infant developmental movement has opened my body, my movement repertoire, and my heart-mind in surprising ways!  I have learned so much about myself through this work (in my 50s!).  I have a better sense of how I was handled as a baby, how resourced (or under-resourced) my primary caregiver was, and have gained insight into my postural and movement habits because of it.  Additionally, through this work I've not only healed persistent, and long enduring injuries, but have opened new pathways in to feelings and connections.  Perhaps I should say "ancient" the developmental movements are ancient.  They are as old as animal life on the planet.  Our movements are a result of humanity's evolution and reflect evolution of the entire animal kingdom!


Dying is a part of life.  Death and dying are normal and expected aspects of our human journey.  Death of pets, death of friends, partners and even our children is inevitable.  Grief is a natural, healthy, and fertile part of openly including death as a part of our life.  How we live makes all the difference in how we die, how we meet the death of our most beloved beings that we care for and depend on, and how we grieve.  I live my life through the lens of Yoga & Dharma that continually point to the ultimate journey of death, and the ubiquitousness of impermanence as teachers.  Everything was designed to fall apart, it's the cosmic plan for all of us.  There is great wisdom in mourning our losses wholeheartedly, yet not being so shocked or surprised by them.  There is exquisite skill in living fully and loving wholeheartedly while knowing loss is imminent.  I cared for my dying mother, have attended and served in the death vigil of friends and loved ones, I also volunteer with Hospice spending time with the dying.  Spending time in the company of death can be a salve for not only facing our own fate, but as a reminder of what's most important in this life.  Touch, connection, and appropriate movement experiences can be incredibly soothing and comforting for the dying.  I'm here for all of it.

Yoga Therapy

yoga class, somatic movement, infant development, death, dying, BMC, somatics



All live virtual classes are sliding fee $5-$25 , pay what you can.

Monthly subscriptions are available at incredibly reasonable rates.

(if finances are a stressful issue, reach out to me and we can make something work)

Scholarships for BIPOC, please inquire.

Mondays 9a - Softer Than Strong 60 mins

(live online only)

Tuesdays 9a - Meditation & Check in, 30 mins

(online only, jump to my live events page to sign up!)

free, not recorded, come as you are, no expectations

Wednesdays 9a - Stronger Than Soft 75 mins

(live online only)

Fridays 11:00a - Community Baby!

(in studio only at River & Stone Yoga)

Saturdays 9:00a - Strong Vinyasa 75 mins

(live online & in studio at Third Eye Yoga Collective)

Saturdays 10:30a - Yoga Therapy & Somatic Movement 60 mins

(live online & in studio at Third Eye Yoga Collective)

For in-person attendance sign up via the hosting studio,

Third Eye Yoga Collective


For virtual attendance click here or use the link on my home page!



in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

around the US and abroad



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Offering classes & events in New England and around.

Tel: 402-707-3407

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